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Branwen's musical output commenced in the 1990s under the alias Somatik, encompassing drum and bass, broken beat and downtempo electronica. Early Somatik cuts and remixes appeared on eclectic, underground labels including Zip Dog Records, Twisted Funk and 2000Black.

She started her own label GoldHill Records in 2007. The first release was the Somatik album "Learning the Colours". Since then she has released more of her own music on GoldHill under the Somatik and KAL*EYE*DOSCOPE aliases, as well as music produced in collaboration with others.

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GoldHill Records.jpg

The long awaited follow-up to the 2014 debut EP "The Death of Paper", KAL*EYE*DOSCOPE is back with a dreamy, five-track selection of hypnotic ambient electronica.

"Esoteric Atmospheric"

Released: October 21, 2021

Esoteric Atmospheric art.jpg

star*key - "FOUR"

Released: April 13, 2020

Branwen and Seah recorded a special live version of "Air" from the EP during the lockdown of 2020.


Three years in the making, the "FOUR" EP from star*key is laced with rich storytelling and character, each track weaving its unique elemental journey through the duo's trademark, atmospheric sound design and Seah Maria's expressive vocal performances.

starkey So Far.jpg

Released alongside the star*key "Body Parts" short film/music video, "star*key So Far" was compiled initially as a Kickstarter reward CD. The six tracks included in this atmospheric and evocative min-album featured all star*key's original releases prior to the release date.

"star*key So Far"

Released: October 31, 2015

Included on the mini album was the song "The One", originally recorded for the GoldHill Productions feature film "Tunnel Vision".


"The Death of Paper"

Released: October 27, 2014

The Death of Paper EP.jpg

"The Death of Paper" was the debut release from KAL*EYE*DOSCOPE, a new ambient electronica alias for Branwen. The collection is a dreamlike 'concept' EP of four experimental tracks created in GoldHill Studio and was mastered by sonic sculptor and Abbey Road engineer Oli Morgan.


The Hidden album was a beautiful collaboration between Branwen and talented singer/songwriter Lita Joy. The two shared flashes of sonic inspiration and lyrical adventures in studios in London and west Wales between 2004 and 2009, steadily creating twelve tracks of colourful stories and cinematic musical imagery.

Hidden - "Hidden"

Released: January 25, 2010


"Learning the Colours"

Released: May 14, 2007

Learning the Colours.jpg

Bringing the broken beat/electronica sound of west London into west Wales, Branwen Munn aka Somatik released "Learning the Colours", her debut album on GoldHill Records. Packed full of syncopated, dancefloor energy blended with touches of mysticism and psychedelia, the album consolidates much of what inspired Branwen about her work with fellow London artists such as 4hero, Kaidi Tatham, and Talvin Singh. Featuring the Twisted Funk anthems 'Interaktion' and 'Avianticide'...

To explore more GoldHill Records releases, please visit the GoldHill Bandcamp site.

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